I'm a cool cookie

I'm a
cool cookie

Friendly and funny. Addicted to ball sports and media consumption in all of its forms. I'm a dreamer with ambition.

Ideas come to me naturally. I have great people skills, I'm stress-free and highly flexible.

I love design(ing)

I love

I really love design. Seeing the beauty in things, that's kind of why I'm alive.

It's equally fascinating for me to create. And in turn, to see the effect my well crafted design has on people.

I'm a versatile expert

I'm a
skilled expert

My design skill set is very extensive. From board game design to 3D animations, I've done a lot of different and creative things.

The front-end web has no secrets for me and I even like coding once in a while! I'm also a strong innovator and problem solver.

Things I've worked on

Some cool stuff right here!

Things I'm thinking about

I'll give you a hint: It's mostly food and beachvolleyball. I'd love to write an actual blog here in the near future (don't laugh, I'm serious!). But for now my twitter ramblings will have to suffice.